Who the hell is Lawrence McLeod?

After many years wandering through life, often whichever way the wind was blowing, some great successes as well as a few catastrophic failures, Larry McLeod began writing screenplays. The first was MixedNuts which was inspired by some true events, now fiction.

LOGLINE:  "The Mixed Nuts ensemble paths cross and their life stories intertwine, from sharing the same space in a homeless shelter, to sharing 9/11 and so much more than anyone would expect".

WHAT NOW? Larry recently studied Screenwriting at Harvard University inspiring his current project, "Before There Were SuperHeroes". Contemplating a move to Los Angeles to continue his screenwriting career.

Born and raised in a tough housing projects in the Boston area to an Irish Catholic family gave Larry somes "insights" many do not have in screenwriting today.  Many looked at that area as an Alcoholic neighborhood.

Currently living in Portland, OR



Projects I'm Working on ...

Scripts I'm currently working on.  Feel free to find me on Facebook  ->

Before There Were Superheroes

Feature Film Script


A naive teen reluctantly uses new found super powers to rescue a friend from a fanatical leader of an evil Oligarchy; stopping him from taking control of Humanity.

MixedNuts - The Pilot



A DotCom bubble washout facing obsolescent tries to drink himself to death, ending up in a homeless shelter with a bunch known as the “Mixed Nuts”, coping as best as he can.

Accidental Hunter


Not so bright Buddies migrate to Las Vegas and get caught up in a robbery gone awry; losing their bankroll. The Vegas decadence and sleaze feeds their urge for revenge, they become bounty hunters in the process.




A union carpenter  working in the Trinity Church finds old writings, unbeknownst to him may be actual writings by Jesus Christ. An insidious group, an arm of the Vatican, will do anything to keep this secret. While running for his live, the writings may uncover that Jesus was a Man just like the rest of us.

Altered Boys


On the verge of solving the "priest murders", a sloppy old detective nearly gets himself killed before meeting his younger self. When the two now get too close to the truth they may find out more than they bargained for. Some stones should stayed unturned? 

Summer of '70


Four adolescent friends from a housing projects in Boston get involved in a drinking game gone bad; one murders a transient pedophile. In their attempts to cover it up they end up finding out more about themselves.